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Hi! I'm Kasami, also known as KasamiKona or ksk. I'm a programmer, hardware hacker, demoscener, and a weeb. I have a CS degree but yet to do anything useful with it. Any pronouns fine, I guess. Social links below.


Within the demoscene I tend to use the ksk handle most often, as ksk^genshiken.

I was introduced to the scene years ago through Chaos Theory by Conspiracy, but only recently started getting into it myself. In 2021 after tweeting about some hardware hacking stuff I was contacted by stage7 asking what I knew about cheap bluetooth LED displays you can buy in a variety of cheap wearables. I happened to have the same kind and it turns out we both wanted to run Bad Apple on it, so we both got to work. I pulled the encryption key from a Chinese app and reversed the protocol while Stage worked on the video conversion, and we had it working within 48 hours.

Around the same time, Stage asked if I wanted to join their Genshiken demo group, so I did. We of course wanted to do something much fancier with the display tech, so we worked for several months to produce a demo called Bitmask. The demo was released at Euskal Encounter 2022 wild compo and won 1st prize. Of course it includes a Bad Apple segment :)

In the past I have also done some reverse-engineering and emulation work with other people's demos. So far this has mostly been porting and meddling with lft's various hardware demos, in particular their sound engines.


I have a small and quite disorganized presence on YouTube, with content including but not limited to:

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